Purchase Orders/Checks

A purchase order (PO) is issued by a school stating what will be purchased and the agreed upon price.  While a PO is not an actual payment, it acts as a binding contract between the school and NTHS that we will provide the items purchased and the school will send timely payment.

NTHS doesn’t require a PO for most accounts, but your school may require you to have one. We recommend that NTHS Advisors check with the financial department at their school and understand their process before placing an order. 

To pay with a school check, please choose “Purchase Order” at checkout and enter N/A or the word "check" in the next field if no PO is required. If a school does require a PO, advisors should enter the PO number provided by the financial contact in the box. We don't generally require a hard copy of the PO but if you would like to send it, it can be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 1.828.698.8564. Please note that we do not process orders from POs - all orders must be placed through our website.

The invoice will be emailed to the primary advisor at the school as well as a financial contact if one has been provided to us. Schools have 30 days from the invoice date to remit payment to NTHS.

If you want to add or change the financial contact for your chapter, please email [email protected] with your school name and information.