Incorrect Name/Spelling

Certificates are printed using the exact input when advisors register new members online. Advisors can request certificate reprints with updated names/correct spellings by logging into the NTHS Portal and clicking on the “Reprints” tile. Select the number of reprints you desire, and then list the members' names to be reprinted in the “Order Notes” field on the checkout page. The cost is $3 per certificate reprint and includes postage. The new certificate(s) will be mailed to the school to be signed by the advisor before distribution to the NTHS Member(s).

Advisors should update their students’ names on their Student Member Roster within the NTHS Portal by clicking on the “Student Member Roster” tile.

Only advisors can change student names, but students can update their contact information by logging into the NTHS Portal and clicking on the Profile Update icon in the left menu. Students should contact their NTHS Advisor to update their name, graduation date, or CTE Area of Study. Use our Chapter Directory to identify the advisor at your school, if you need help changing your name.