Career Readiness Portal

The NTHS Career Readiness Portal (CRP) is an excellent member add-on benefit that provides students with a one-stop shop for career planning resources and guidance. Access to the CRP includes personality and learning style assessments, career and postsecondary exploration modules, financial resources including a scholarship database with over 23K scholarships, a resume builder, an online portfolio, and connections to local businesses for Work-Based Learning opportunities.

NTHS has also partnered with MajorClarity to provide a course and micro-credential within the Career Readiness Portal that focuses on foundational knowledge and awareness of essential employability skills for the workplace. Students who complete the course will earn a certificate and digital badge.

The cost for adding access to the Career Readiness Portal is $5 per student, whether purchased individually by the student or the school. To access CRP, click here and follow the directions at the bottom of the page.